Drop #1 - Colombia

After a long wait and a lot of collecting we were finally able to make our first donation. We spoke with many people before making our final decision about where to donate first. Miguel Bonilla, a teammate of Luke's at Loras College suggested we donate to a youth soccer club in Colombia. As many of the items we first collected were soccer items we decided that this was a great idea. Miguel offered to deliver the items when he went home over his winter vacation (see pictures below). The items were donated to a youth club on the island of Cartagena, Colombia. Cartagena is known mainly for fishing and tourism but deep in its roots, like so many South American countries, soccer and sport are critical to life. We hope that our donations to these kids will make a lasting impact on their lives. Click here to see more of the pictures!!

Drop #2 - Colombia
After a successful donation to Colombia over a year ago, we decided to make sure we turned it into an annual thing. With a big thanks to Mackie Gable, a Loras University senior womens soccer player, and with the help of our the newest Sporting Smiles team member, Miguel Bonilla we were able to make another sizeable donation. We would like to thank Mackie for her huge donation of womens specific clothing that we donated on her behalf to girls in Colombia. Again Miguel made sure that the various items got to deserving children of all ages. Without his help and support in his native Colombia this annual donation would not be possible. Check out the pictures below and click here to see a lot more!!