As we began Sporting Smiles almost two years ago we wanted to come up with the most productive way of helping out children. We understood that around the world there are unfortunately too many people who are in desperate need of help and that spreading ourselves too wide would only take away from the specific areas that we could have an impact in. All of us at Sporting Smiles clearly have a passion for sports and it has not only given us many life changing experiences, it has brought us and continues to bring us, great joy and happiness in our lives.

From the beginning we knew that sports are quite possibly the only things that can bring people together under any circumstance. In 2006 during the FIFA World Cup in Germany the world saw nations stop civil wars to take in the most spectacular event in the sporting world. We realized that if sports has the power to make people see one another in a different light, than it definitely has the power to give children in hard times some much needed enjoyment.

We refer to these donations as “drops” because, like government organizations dropping into countries to provide food and services in times of need, we aim to do this through the use of sports. We may not have the resources to save a whole nation or even a city, but we will do everything in our power to make less fortunate children’s lives more enjoyable by giving them the chance to play sports.

These drops that we have completed so far, as well as many others in the works, have shown children throughout the world that they do not have to only see the negative side of life. We were fortunate enough to raise enough donations to be able to send hundreds of articles of sports clothing as well as thousands of dollars worth of shoes and cleats to a few different areas in Colombia. We also were able to do the same thing in an area of Haiti soon after. Both these drops showed us that even if for just a few hours on a single day, that children playing sports really do enjoy life a lot more. Words do not do these drops justice. Looking at the pictures and seeing the smiles on the kids faces is what really makes it all worth it. If we can help children smile when life is at its roughest point, then we have completed our mission. We hope that you can help us continue or drops by making either product or monetary donations (all of which go towards purchasing new equipment) so that we can keep putting smiles on faces around the world.

Sporting Smiles. Helping Kids Sport Smiles.